We discover our client’s business and goals through discussion. 

By closely partnering our clients, stepping into their shoes and minds to excitedly explore and discover exactly what underpins the very core and nature of their business. We work our way up, from the inside out, gradually forming a precise picture of their business and goals.

Conclusions - We form conclusions from the input we've received from our client
From this educated standpoint, we begin to crystalise our ideas and fuse conclusions based on our garnered knowledge. These conclusions form the foundation of our decision making and from hereon in they are the rudder which steers the ship to our proposition.

Proposition - Based on our conclusions we propose a project blueprint
Our proposition is a comprehensive schema for the project, often including documentation such as wireframes, personas and a prototype. These assets help us clearly demonstrate structure, direction and interaction. We walk through this culmination of decisive knowledge at the alignment meeting.

Alignment - We consult, face to face with our client to make sure all is well
At this meeting, after discussing, debating and understanding the presented proposition, we arrive at a collective, mutually agreed plan. This gives us clarity for the forthcoming steps ahead, and now, in the full light of understanding, we can start creating design visuals for you.

Actualisation - We produce design concepts and coding based on the aligned proposition
As the title conveys, actualisation is the process of crafting all the aforementioned theory into solid, inspiring design concepts and subsequently code, that embodies your final product and excites you in the process. We present concepts to you face to face, for instantaneous emotive and verbal feedback.

Refinement - We refine the site together, forging ahead to the final goal
After collating final feedback, we finesse the details, making sure your requests and our advice meet in a romantic spot. Creative and technical icing is applied, coding is finalised, the content is checked, and we ensure the website is fit for cross device compatibility as we rigourously test before launch.

Delivery - We complete and put live the website you have commissioned
After all the discussion, debate and understanding, we round the final corner, presenting you with the culmination of our collective input, intelligence and expertise – your finished website. It’s honed to perfection, both graphically and technically, poised and ready to meet your business objectives head on.